Thanks EPA Administrator Jackson

Last Friday EPA released the non cancer portion of the dioxin reassessment. Acknowledging the toxicity of dioxin, EPA established a first time ever reference dose for dioxin which is much lower than established by the World Health Organization.

Lone Tree joined our friends at CHEJ along with a broad coalition of other public health, veterans groups and environmentalist calling for the release of this important public health document

Of course, Dow Chemical and the American Chemistry Council continue to whine about the release of this document.

You can read the entire document online. EPA’s findings have significant implications for the GREAT LAKES BAY REGION awash in some of the nation’s highest concentrations of dioxin.

Arsenic and Old DNAPL

The EPA and Dow Chemical have agreed on an initial clean-up plan for Segment One of the Tittabawassee River Superfund project. This section, which runs through the Dow plant in Midland, is one of the more contaminated sections of the river. At one point this section of the river had over 1,100 outfalls carrying waste water and other pollutants from the plant and into the river. Where most of the project on the Tittabawassee focuses on dioxin and furans, this section has been contaminated with a range of chemicals which include such substances as ethyl parathion (a potent insecticide) and chlorinated solvents. Read more »

EPA fails to Release Dioxin Reassessement

Late yesterday the EPA, capitulating to industry, announced it would not be releasing the non-cancer portion of the dioxin reassessment. Shameful! Lone Tree Council Press Release below.

Lone Tree Council PR FEB 2012

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